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Fairy Tail


Fairy tail Manga Kingdom of Fiore - is a world where magic is commonplace. In this realm there are many wizards that come together in a variety of guilds to share with other wizards perform heavy jobs, get paid for it and raise a celebrity himself and the guild. Main character in Fairy Tail Manga Young and charming Lucy - Enchantress Star Spirits - dreams of becoming a member of the famous Fairy Tail guild, considering it the most remarkable in the light of the guild. This guild has become famous in its ranks there are many talented and very powerful wizards, who suffers from a sense of specific measures and discipline, since any intervention in their peaceful life reserves mass destruction. Lucy in the ordinary day having got into trouble with the bad guys, is in a difficult situation, and comes to help her carefree and sweeping away everything in its path, Natsu and his flying and talking cat Happy with which Lucy had met before, and, taking the ordinary travelers, satisfying He regaled dinner. But Natsu is a famous magician of fire "Fairy Tail" and easily deals with the bad guys, in the tradition understood and part of the city to boot. Fleeing from angry townspeople great destruction, Natsu Lucy offers to join the guild, "Fairy Tail" and go along with it. With this event the magical adventures Natsu, Lucy, Happy ICSID, exhibitionist Gray and boring Berserker Erzy. Together they will overcome a lot of enemies and experience many exciting adventures! Fairy Tail manga is really a fairy tale. Amazing prescribed a world where everyone lives their lives. Here you can laugh, cry, think. Everything is so realistic, yet so fantastic that it seems as if you live together with the main characters. This is a funny fairy tale, it is a fairy tale about the value of friendship, teach us to appreciate loved ones, giving to understand that only people with the strength to do great things. And if you stand shoulder to shoulder with those who are dear to us, all the troubles and woes will be surpassed. Other attractive Manga: +  Ao no Exorcist Manga + Bleach manga

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    Author Luke Diers 11:17 - 11/15/2019

    God Tier Moments

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    emo WHY ??  This link is broken...please fix it...pretty please...or elseemo MUMUHAHAHAHahahhaha

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  • Solo Leveling Chap 93

    Author Reaper Grim 22:42 - 11/14/2019

    am waiting for the mc to meet his father

  • Solo Leveling Chap 93

    Author Jan Airos 17:19 - 11/14/2019

    When i read this chapter i feel the pressure of their fight. What an action fight scene im really excited for the next chapter.

  • Solo Leveling Chap 93

    Author Jan Airos 17:18 - 11/14/2019

    When i read this chapter i feel the pressure of their fight. What an action fight scene

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    more updateeee plssss

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    Author Derp Derp 04:22 - 11/14/2019


    You might find out why in next chapter when they show how he pisses his pants unless if they skip that part from LN/WN/whatnot

  • Solo Leveling Chap 93

    Author Slark deep 04:20 - 11/14/2019

    @BearForceOne I think he sensed the shadows and he felt afraid. I also dont know if i remember correctly but im almost sure he has a fear aura.

  • Solo Leveling Chap 93

    Author evaei 03:17 - 11/14/2019

    @BearForceOne I think he thinks he might be dead if he fights any longer

  • Solo Leveling Chap 93

    Author Angelo Cadalay 03:02 - 11/14/2019

    emoWhy!!!!! You cut it in to the best part of it emo

  • Solo Leveling Chap 93

    Author ff bj 02:38 - 11/14/2019

    Lmao he almost shit his pant. Saved by the bell.

  • Solo Leveling Chap 93

    Author BearForceOne 02:36 - 11/14/2019

    So is goto scared because someone is stronger than him or is it because he can actually sense all the shadows?

  • Solo Leveling Chap 93

    Author Milf 00:46 - 11/14/2019

    I need more pls

  • Solo Leveling Chap 92

    Author Jake well 17:30 - 11/13/2019

    This is truely the best manga ive ever read and i love/respect it and its creators so much. TBH even if we had to wait a month for a new episode while we would all be sad we wouldn't change our opinions one bit. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR YOUR WORK!