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Sister Neighbors


Tim and Hailey grew up together and now they live alone in Seoul. Denise is Haileys best friend who comes over so often that the three practically live together. things are good until Tim bluffs to his friend Chuck that Denise is his sex partner.

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ff bj 22:11 - 09/12/2019
Good draw, but jesus christ the creator just made one of the worts MC ever and the story make you feel like you IQ drop every crapter. I jsut need to read something of science just to watch my stupidness from this.
yan luo 05:29 - 09/15/2019 Chap 4
retard jesus christ ... that he is even thinking about "swapping" when he could have denise wtf
yan luo 05:34 - 09/15/2019 Chap 7
fcking retard .....
yan luo 06:24 - 09/15/2019 Chap 32
retard he could have her as a girlfriend if he had said that wtf
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